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To me it feels like people all over the western world have surrendered to the economical crisis. They have surrendered because there seems to be no way any of our governments can do anything to contain the power of the financial institutions that caused this crisis. These banks, hedge funds etc, may have even caused it willingly and premeditated. And if so this may well be seen as an attempt to overthrow democracy.

Ever since the Reagan and Thatcher administrations in the US and UK were voted in, these institutions have seen their power grow in an ever increasing rate. Now these institutions have become so powerful they can keep our government hostage and make them do as they please. Their demand is ‘jump through our hoop; deflate the size of government, the influence of your voters, break the unions and surrender your rights as workers.’

All my life I hear people around me say that democracy is just a farce and that the real powers exclusively belongs to the rich and powerful. These fat cats always have their way in the end, at the cost of the common man. I had a gut feeling that might be right but somehow I refused to believe it, tried not to believe it.

But what’s the long term gain here? What do these people want? In the end it’s people who plan and execute these schemes, not some monster robot or something (at least I hope so…). Did they look at China with their mouths watering? Will authoritarian capitalism replace democracy? Do they want to create an ant farm where people just forget about the pursuit of their personal happiness, to forget about freedom? It may well be, since these institutions don’t feel a need to comply to the wishes of society as a whole anymore; they grew so far above the rest of us, this social elite.

But who do these people think they are? How on earth do they derive any happiness in destroying the happiness of others, in making the bulk of people into slaves again?

But even more important; do they really think they can get away with it? Do they really think we all dozed off behind our TV and computer screens, mesmerized by their ever increasing flow of commercials, unaware, sleep walking? Is there anyone in the USA who doesn’t have family or acquaintances who lost their houses? Is there anyone here in Holland who doesn’t know that it’s almost impossible to get a job with an indefinite contract anymore? And without such a job it’s not possible to even buy a house? Is there anyone who is not aware government downsize only benefits these same financial institutions, the insurance companies, banks and big corporations in expense of our rights?

I used to live in a country where people had a sense of solidarity, where people actually had a say in how this country was governed, where health insurance was almost free, where people cared about their cultural heritage, where children had access to good education and were not put into mammoth sized learning institutions, where people could stop working at the age of 58 making way for the younger generation.

And sure there were people who took an unfair advantage of these benefits, but aren’t those people the same kind who try to deprive us of everything good society gained in terms of social care? I really don’t care if these people call themselves left or right wing; vultures and  profiteers always come from all directions.

The most important question is what can we, common people, do to stop these capitalist whores in their tracks? Well what about this one:  what if we, the people start to refuse money that comes from workers in the financial sector? I don’t mean clerks or tellers, but the boys at the top who make the millions in bonuses. What if we just bluntly refuse to take their money saying YOUR MONEY IS NO GOOD. Your money is no good because it’s deprived from people who lost their homes, their jobs, and their livelihood. So I won’t clean your house, drive your car, protect you or aid you in any way nor will I sell you anything out of my shop. You made your choice to lie, cheat and steal your way to the top but now comes the time we as the masses have to stop you.

Sure there will be people who are still willing to be your slave and serve you, but what if we start refusing to serve those people also?  How long are you going to last? How long will it take before you learn the valuable lesson that you simply need us and you need us to be willing to aid you; you can’t force us. You can’t just kill us all…

It may sound a little bit naive and a bit like like the “what if they declare a war and nobody shows up to fight it” kind of thing, but still this might work. It will at least send a powerful signal that says NO MORE and says it in a non violent way.

And yes; you may laugh at my thoughts and dismiss them. But consider this: why would a man like Warren Buffet, who is rich and, as far as I know, also very smart, offer to start paying more taxes? Don’t you think he has considered that it may not take too long before the people, who until now always held the rich in high esteem, turn around 180 degrees and start seeing the rich and their greed as a problem that has to be tackled, because they stand in the way of us pursuing our happiness? Sure he has! And since he’s smart he knows that it’s better to pay a bit more in order to help solve this crisis and keep the high esteem intact. Better give in than to hold on to an amount of money he won’t be able to spend in two dozen lifetimes anyway.

To be the rich guy amongst too many poor; where the fun in that?



  1. PEOPLE are starting to understand that the greed of some (let’s say 2% of population) makes all the other 98% desperate and unhappy.

    It’s soooo simple.

    And those who makes the 2% are starting to get worried…..

    Can you imagine, we are wasting our life with poor food, poor jobs, poor quality of life, just because of this incredibly INSANE and unfair system where we live?
    It can’t go on forever! And THEY know!

    We are starting to make a change, a global reversal. And bloggers have a big part in it, spreading a new vision and mentality!

    Greetings from Italy ( a very troubled country at the moment!)

  2. Great article! The international Working Class has to get fully class-conscious and unite to fight back and destroy the bourgeoisie and their Frankenstein monster that is capitalism. True Socialism is the only answer. That was the conclusion of Albert Einstein, a much smarter and wiser man than even the evil, but shrewd Warren Buffett. Read Einstein’s essay on Socialism here:

  3. Even SOCIALISM is pointless, if there is not attention to the evolution of HUMAN BEINGS, to their consciusness! This is more or less what philosophers like Plato and Aristoteles said thousand of years ago.

    Take a country like Norway:

    it’s socialist and still it is the most dangerous orwellian system you can image, with no sense of freedom, where citizens passively follow what the government says, with no critical sense at all. The result is a flat society that hunts material dreams and doesn’t build any horizontal links between citizens themselves!
    A fake efficient, empty society, like that one that Tocqueville described in his books 200 hundreds years ago, where everything is provided by the government, any kind of energy is sucked by the state.

    Socialism as well as democracy becomes an empty word if human beings do not understand their heart and souls, if they forget compassion, if they do not understand that EVERYTHING IS ONE, like Plato said.

    Albert Einsten?? my god.
    A freemason who stole his theories from others (it is historically proved!!), a man who said ” oOOOPS” when they told him about the Hiroshima cathastropher. One of the most overvaluated man of history.


  4. @ Bananas: You have a point. I’m not a socialist but an Anarchist. I always think of Emma Goldman who said: Freedom is not easy and most people only strife for the freedom to make themselves comfortable.Real freedom needs constant work and care.

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