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Does anybody on earth still trust his/her Government?

You’ll find that you can trust any government on the planet to do three things: protect corporate power, start wars and finding ever more ways to control you as citizen of your respected state. And that’s about all they do.

Government by the people for the people; those are nice words but they don’t mean shit anymore. As a citizen/voter, I don’t feel we have any control over our government.

We vote them in and as soon as our elected politicians take the stage we again and again find they are nothing but puppets. Puppets on a string; manipulated by big business.

Left or right-wing governments, it doesn’t matter. Do you really think the Left wing Brazilian government depends less on the approval of big business then the right-wing Dutch government does? The economy comes first, period. It’s the same anywhere.

Trust is vital for any democracy but I lost my trust.

Corporate power is bigger then governmental power; well, maybe not in China, but in China the government IS the big corporation.

Politicians learned to say exactly what the people want to hear. They hire spin doctors and marketers to teach them. And although they are fully aware that they “can’t fool all the people all of the time” they get away with it. There’s no alternative so we have no choice but to vote and hope for the best.

Democracy urgently needs to redefine itself. We are on a threshold that might lead to an abandonment of democracy. This same thing happened in the first part of the 20th century when democracy was replaced by either fascism or communism. I sure as hell don’t want to live in a fascist or communist state, but neither would I want to live in an authoritarian capitalist state like China.

But I’m afraid that’s exactly where big business is trying to lead us into; a state where the government solely protects the interests of big business and oppresses their citizens to accommodate the 1% of rich people.

Why? Because it’s much easier to fulfill the needs of the 1% then it is to fulfill the needs of the 99%. Our needs are too divers; they require a lot of thinking and never-ending efforts for we not only need food, water and housing but elusive things like happiness, freedom, justice and respect. These are hard to get and they sometimes go against the wishes of the corporate moguls.

What we need is governments that set its priorities straight. Priority number 1 is the protections of citizens against corporate wrong doings. Government must be aware that corruption and other white-collar crimes come with the territory of a capitalist system. Crimes that include selling useless financial products only devised for quick profit.

Why is street crime being punished harder and harder while perpetrators of white-collar crime are left unpunished or get of easy? Shouldn’t there be mandatory sentences like 10 years in prison for every million stolen from the public? Shouldn’t white collar criminals be banned from doing business just like ordinary criminals suffer the three strikes and you’re out treatment?

I really don’t mind people getting rich by selling good and inventive stuff. I have a high regard for people like that. But I really hate greedy bastards who go to business schools with the sole purpose to get rich as quick as possible. They are the ones that destroy the earth, consume all its resources and trick us into buying useless shit. These people are not so different from your average drug lord. Why shouldn’t they be treated alike?

We need governments to take sides; the side of the people, not of the (multi-national) corporations!

The power of corporate lobbyist must be contained. Political candidates must be able to work without the support of big business. They must able to get by with the support of their voters, period! Obama proved that that’s possible with his campaign to get elected president. Well at least almost…No one is elected president without the approval of big business. And a president should also be able to execute his program without corporate power consent.

Too much power is gained by the wrong people. Marx have been right when he predicted capitalism will destroy itself but let’s not forget it will also destroy democracy and maybe the earth as a whole in the process.

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  1. Marx claimed that the self-implosion of capitalism is a necessary step on the road toward a true socialist global economy. Of course the process does not run of its’ own accord – we the people must take action to right the wrongs committed by the haves. We the people must defend the have-nots in order to usher in the next phase of human socio-economic development. Keep the faith.

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