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U.S. Republican presidential candidates published some outrageous assumptions about Europe these past weeks. Newt Gingrich claimed Europe is a ‘fundamentally wrong socialist state’, Mitt Romney said he can’t even find Europe on the map and last week Rick Santorum claimed in Holland we force elderly people to undergo euthanasia.

Respect is a two-way street my dear Americans, so here it goes: ten lovely European prejudices about the USA…

Americans like big things: big cars, big fridges, big TV’s, big guns. Needless to say most Americans are pretty big themselves.

Americans don’t like reading books. For them it’s enough to read advertising slogans. Americans don’t like listening either; a sound bite will suffice.

Americans love their religion and they hate Darwin’s evolution theory. They believe in a book that says the earth is only about 6000 years old and that Dinosaur fossils were left by God to test our faith.

Americans don’t like taxes so they work hard to get rich fast. As soon as they are (rich) they don’t have to pay taxes anymore.

Americans love democracy. Unless a country elects leaders the US doesn’t like. When  that happens the elections must have been a fraud, the country is automatically turned  into a dictatorship and is rife for an invasion.

Americans hate their government. They choose a new president and as soon as he’s installed they start obstructing him. They make sure none of his policies get ratified by congress and the senate and boo him for not keeping his promises afterwards.

Americans hate socialism. It’s remarkable how liberal means left wing in the US and right-wing in Europe. But there’s no left-wing at all in your nation. America has no left leg to stand on. No wonder your society is so unstable.

Americans love drugs. Regretfully it’s the wrong kind of drugs they love ; Americans like Ritalin, sleeping pills and Prozac and not the stuff that is actually fun to swallow or inhale.

Americans hate abortions but they love guns. Guns are the cause of countless retroactive abortions.

When American students fail at school they kill their classmates. Makes sense; failed students might have succeeded if their classmates wouldn’t have picked on them so much.

And to end this column I must add that Europeans at least recognize prejudices for what they are. Prejudices are half-truths. It’s a shame People like Rick Santorum can only get away with their outrageous claims only because the people who vote for him aren’t checking any facts.

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